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High standard of quality in vineyard and wine cellar

Swiss Organic Wines provides you the best organic wines with consistent quality in the vineyard and in the processing plant. The key criteria for good wines are flavorful, fully ripened grapes, pressed as gently as possible in its own wine cellar.
Swiss Organic Wines team is made up with experienced experts and œnologists. Our wines benefit from traditional wine growing practices combined with the know-how of the most up-to-date organic research findings.

A cellar for more than 100 wines

Swiss Organic Wines provides more than 100 different organic wines from Switzerland and from the rest of the world. Each one of these wines is individually nurtured to ensure the optimal development of the character and the flavor of the grape variety. In addition to steel tanks and wooden barrels, our wine producers use containers as small as 5 liters. By doing so, they can track the effects of viticulture experiments from the vineyard to the bottle ripeness of the wine.

Why drinking Organic Wine?

  • It’s much better and tasty (just try!)
  • It contains no pesticides, neither GMO
  • it respects environment and biodiversity

Why Switzerland?

Switzerland is a pioneer in integrated production wines. The reason is easy to see. In a country that cannot produce massive quantities of wine because of limited growing space maintaining the raw material, the soil and plants, in order to have top quality wines, becomes crucial. We want to share this Swiss know-how and culture.

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